These are Our Rules:

The ChinaInvestors is a funding and investments information platform where Chinese Investors meet Global Investees. Everything on The ChinaInvestors must be a project / demand. Projects and demands on The ChinaInvestors must be honest and clearly presented. These rules don't cover every possible use of The ChinaInvestors, but they explain our purpose and perspective.

Everything on The ChinaInvestors must be a project / proposal / demand.

Global Investee: A project (proposal) is something with a clear description to share more about what you’re raising funds to do and how you plan the deal to pull it off, or describe the assets you sell is valuable.

Chinese Investor: A project (demand) is something with a clear description to share more about what you’re investing in, or describe what kind of the assets you want to buy.

Every project on the ChinaInvestors must fit into one of our categories. Our categories are:

Who can create a project on The ChinaInvestors?

Creating projects is currently open to investees over the age of 18 in worldwide range. Government agencies, businesses and other organizations can also use The ChinaInvestors to fund their projects from China Investors, or sell assets to Chinese buyer.

Creating investment demand is currently open to Chinese Investors over the age of 18 and based in the China and overseas Chinese. Government agencies, businesses and other organizations can also use The ChinaInvestors to look to invest in the potential projects, or buy valuable assets form globe.

How to make a magnificent project, need advice?

This simple guide is based on everything we’ve learned from current projects, most of them created by enthusiastic entrepreneurs in our community like you. We hope this will help you get started with shaping your own project, your project can be any investment activities or assets selling that you want to create and share with potential Chinese investors or buyers. It could be investing in a startup, funding for an idea, or a specific project, like, film, real estate, intellectual property, inventions, major infrastructure or the business & legal services. It’s not too hard; you absolutely can do it yourself.

  • Make a good first impression: choose a great project image, introduce your project objectives and entice Chinese investors to learn more.
  • Tell potential Chinese investors more about your campaign pitch. Introduce and provide more details that will motivate the Chinese investors to invest in. A good pitch is compelling, informative, and easy to digest. NOTE: Chinese Translation is the key to success.
  • We highly recommend uploading videos and images. Projects with video and stunning images have a much higher chance of success. Your vivid projects will attract the crowds.

We understand "Organic growth is very painful", that's why you are here. If you are running a project, HOW do you make sure that you could make good returns for Chinese investors? WHAT is your company's projection? HOW MUCH have you generated year by year? The investors will evaluate the accounting data and make decisions based on assessment of the associated risks and returns. Focus on the project you are making; give it a precise meaning; and you will be different!

Listing policies:

It is your responsibility to ensure you are legally allowed to pitch any projects you list, this includes ensuring that the project doesn't infringe anyone else's rights (for example, intellectual property rights like copyright or trade mark rights). 

You must also abide by the following listing policies:

  • Projects must be accurately represented and listings must be placed in the most appropriate category above.
  • The main photo on your listing (i.e. the one that displays in search results and first on your listing) must contain the related project you’re representing.
  • Listings must be for the investment of an actual project or the sale of an actual item for investors / buyers, and must not be purely for advertising purposes including offering services.
  • Listings should NOT include any contact details, except where asked for in the listing process.
  • 'Keyword spamming' to manipulate search results is not allowed.
  • All prices should be in US dollars and include all applicable TAX (if any).
  • Listing a project is a commitment to pitch it through the ChinaInvestors, you may withdraw a project at any time because it has not reached the expectation you wanted.
  • Listings fees and success fees are to be paid by the publisher. You may not add these fees or other fees onto the winning amount.

The ChinaInvestors reserves the right to remove any listings that are in breach of the terms and conditions or these listing policies at its sole discretion.

By signing up and post your projects, You agree to our RisksTerms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Updated: February 2017