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The Project

The Problem : Trade and Transaction , Trust Issue between Buyer and Seller , Lack of Business Information and sales tool to Transact Locally or Global

§Market size and growth over time : As the Issues is about International Trade and Business, The Issue exist in all Countries and potential Market is all Country Where International trade take place. The Growth will be in Phase and we will target the Market Phase by Phase and try to Target the Most active Market First as They are the First to Use our Platform. The Market is Global, and Across Every Industry – Manufacturer, Exporter, wholesaler, Importer, Retailer

Solution : Offer Business Information for Domestic and Global Trade, Sales Tool to connect Buyer and Seller most appropriately

The Next Generation Global Business Platform to connect Buyer and Seller

SME data and Resource Platform : will cater to the Needs of Information needed by the SME on the Export and Import and Domestic Business

Will provide a Single Platform to Offer Required Information, Expert Service and a System for Buyer and Seller Connection.

What we currently have?The Idea, Experience of Building Technology based platform.

Technology : Ready to Build.

The Return Could be @ 2X in First Year and Potential to Turn to even upto 10 X return for Seed Funders in a 3 Years period

问题:贸易和交易,买方和卖方,缺乏商业信息和销售工具之间的信任问题在本地或全球的Transact §Market规模和增长时间:由于问题是关于国际贸易与商务,这个问题在所有国家都存在的和潜在的市场是所有国家在提供国际贸易的发生。该增长将在第一阶段,我们将针对市场的分阶段并尝试第一目标最活跃的市场,因为他们是第一次使用我们的平台。市场是全球性的,和各行业 - 制造商,出口商,批发商,进口商,零售商 解决方案:销售工具报价商务信息为国内和全球贸易,为最适合连接买方和卖方 下一代全球企业平台,以连接买方和卖方 中小企业数据和资源平台:worldtradezone.com将满足对进出口和国内业务的中小企业所需的信息的需求 将提供一个单一的平台来提供所需的信息,专家服务和买方和卖方连接的系统。 我们目前有?的理念,立足建筑技术平台的经验。 技术:准备建立。 也可以返回@ 2X第一年和潜力转到种子资助者甚至高达10×的回报在3年时间

The Risks

Competition : The Biggest Player in International Market is an 230+ Billion Company In Domestic – India where this Project is started Analysis : was founded in 1999 and being a B2B e-commerce site it now claims to have 1.7 million users from more than 216 countries. Our Take : With Internet Revolution been Extensive all across the world Internet and Online Media Users for Business has Multiplied in Last 3 Years, and will Keep extending in larger scale, Even though the Ultimate Service of Offering the buyer and Seller Connect the same , our Business Model Highly Differ. We aim to Board the largest No of Business data on our Platform and have highest number of Users in a Next 3 Years

竞争:最大的球员在国际市场上的 230+亿美元的公司 在国内 - 印度,这个项目开始 分析: Alibaba.com公司成立于1999年,是一个B2B电子商务网站,现在号称有170万用户来自超过216个国家。 我们的观点:随着互联网革命以来大量世界各地所有的互联网和商务在线媒体用户成倍近3年,并会保持在较大规模的扩展,即使提供买家的终极服务和卖方连接一样,我们的商业模式高度不同。我们的目标是登上最大的无业务数据在我们的平台,并有在未来3年的用户数最高

  • India

  • Media & Publishing

  • $1,000,000.00

Quick Summary

Global Business Platform for Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer to Offer Business Information and Sales tool


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