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The Project

Looking for a buyer interested to own a little piece of paradise in The Island of the Gods.

The hotel boasts multiple accolades from well-known establishments for its programmes available mainly targeted at honeymooners. Occupancy rate is promising at 100% even in low seasons such as May. The hotel returns $5 million annually after taxes and expenses.

Bali's reputation as a wonderful and magical holiday destination for couples, families, friends, and solos are proven by the fact that incoming tourist numbers have seen a steady increase. The island has welcomed all sorts of high-profile guests. Korean actors and singers, Hollywood A-listers, models, to VIPs like Saudi King Salman very recently, and also guests who attended the APEC summit in 2013.

The current owner is looking to sell so that they may pursue other business interests.

尋找有興趣在神的島上擁有一片天堂的買家。 酒店擁有來自知名場所的多項榮譽,其主要針對蜜月旅行者的項目。 即使在五月這樣的低季,入住率仍然保持在100%。 巴厘島作為夫婦,家庭,朋友和獨奏的美妙和神奇的度假勝地的聲譽證明是因為入境旅遊人數穩步增加。 該島歡迎各種高調的客人。 韓國演員和歌手,好萊塢A-listers,模特兒,沙龍國王Salman等貴賓,以及2013年APEC峰會的嘉賓。 目前的業主正在尋求銷售,以便追求其他商業利益。

The Risks

The Indonesian real estate law prohibits full ownership of Indonesian land/property. Therefore, a local partner is required to have their name written on the legal papers, and must be entitled to some 20% of the profits. I'd be willing to write my name on the legal papers, and work to improve the hotel, market it, and oversee its operations in the capacity of a co-owner. The current owner wants a very discreet sale so as to minimise potential disruptions, and will only sell the hotel if and only if you meet them in person - so as to ensure it will be properly looked after. This is their passion project, after all.

印度尼西亞房地產法禁止對印度尼西亞土地/財產的全部所有權。 因此,當地合作夥伴必須將其名稱寫在法律文件上,並且必須有權獲得約20%的利潤。 我願意在法律文件上寫下我的名字,並努力改善酒店,進行市場化,並以共同所有者的身份監督其業務。 這是我保留的500萬美元淨利潤中的100萬美元,其餘的則有權享受。 目前的業主想要一個非常謹慎的銷售,以盡量減少潛在的中斷,只有當您親自見面時,才會出售酒店,以確保妥善照顧。 畢竟這是他們的激情項目。

  • Indonesia

  • Leisure, Tourism & Hotels

  • $57,000,000.00

Quick Summary

This very profitable hidden gem in Bali returns a solid $5 million annually. Current owner looking to sell in order to raise capital and pursue other interests. ...

這個在巴厘島這個非常有利可圖的隱藏的寶石每年回報了500萬美元。 目前的業主,為了募集資金和追求其他利益而尋求出售。 ...

The Investee

Rafi Harits

Rafi Harits


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