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TheChinaInvestors.com is a new way for Chinese investors seeking investment opportunities and Global entrepreneurs seeking Chinese capital. This website is owned and operated by LOONG GROUP LIMITED, a Beijing - New Zealand based company founded in 2011. (LOONG GROUP registered in one or more countries.)


TheChinaInvestors.com is a funding and investments information platform for growth, a home where Chinese Investors meet Global Investees. China is now an important overseas investor in a number of sectors and this diversity away from simply investing in raw materials is a direct result of changes in China and its economy. Macroeconomic adjustments such as the appreciation of the Yuan and corporate competition between firms are changing the way in which Chinese corporations perceive the future and compel them to seek deeper markets, new technologies and skills to ensure their continued competitiveness. It is these new motives which are driving Chinese investment abroad. China will follow the typical pattern of an emerging economy; it will ship $1 to $2 trillion in direct investments abroad by 2020.


TheChinaInvestors.com has a clear responsibility to provide information and build further connections for Chinese Investors and the world investees. Attracting Chinese capital becomes a new development strategy for the numerous Entrepreneurs. Chinese OFDI is undertaken by State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Privately Owned Enterprises (POEs) and huge Individual Investors. You can create and discover projects in 42 categories, our categories are: 

Education & Training | Medical, Pharmaceuticals & Health Care | Leisure, Tourism & Hotels Transportation & Logistics Agribusiness Automotive Products & Services Internet, eCommerce & Apps IT, Hardware & Software Building Services & Products Greentech, Environmental & Eco Entertainment & Film Financial, Business & Legal Services ICT Industry Manufacturing Mining, Oil & Gas Real Estate Hospitality, Restaurants & Bars Products & Inventions Retailing Marketing & Advertising Fashion & Beauty | High Technology Food & Beverage Aviation & Aerospace Industry Media & Publishing Biotechnology & Life Sciences Infocomm Products & Services Major Infrastructure Immigration & Naturalization Art Investment, Antiques & Collectables | Material Science & Technologies Resources, Energy & Renewables Forestry | Intellectual Property | Chemical Industry | Electronic Industry | Farm & Land Machinery & Equipment | Superyacht Industry 
| Aquaculture & Fisheries | Telecommunication Industry


TheChinaInvestors.com is a significant innovation, as it provides an easy Chinese and English Translation solution. Each released project is bilingual edition to achieve effective intercultural collaboration.


We're building The ChinaInvestors together, across the world. 

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Trend, Development and Growth of Chinese OFDI
Motives, factors and impacts of Chinese OFDI
Influence of government policies on international investments from China
Different modes of Chinese OFDI
Sovereign Wealth Funds of China
Geographical focus of Chinese OFDI in Europe, Africa, America, Asia     
Forms of engagement with foreign firms used by internationalizing Chinese firms (e.g. partnerships, acquisitions, OEM, ODM, OBM, etc)
The impact of Chinese OFDI on the global political, environmental and business environment
Corporate Governance, Ownership and role of State of Chinese OFDI
Similarities and differences between SOE and POE of Chinese OFDI
China’s policies towards acquisition of natural and strategic resources
Chinese OFDI and Exchange Rate, foreign currency management
Chinese OFDI and possible roles in a globalized world after the financial crisis
Influence on worldwide mergers and acquisitions, networks and crosscountry collaboration
Resource seeking, market seeking or strategic asset seeking Chinese OFDI
Chinese outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI)
State Owned Enterprises (SOE), Privately-owned Enterprises (POE)



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Updated: April 2015